Large CD album with CDs of Various Artists CDs and sleeves. Album includes: TLC, Hammer, Dr Dre, kool morning Dee, Wrecks N effect, tag team, Salt N Prpoer, Naughty by nature, Jazzy Jeff, Shaw, Snoop Dog, Sir mix a lot, Warren G, Grand Master slice, Bobby Brown, Mariah Carey, Milli Vanilli, Shai, En Vogue, Boyz II Men and Samantha Fox, Ugly Kid Joe, UB40, Tracey Chapman and Arrested Development...
22 Blank DVD-R And CD-RW Discs On Spindle Includes 12 Sony DVR-R discs Create, capture, edit and archive home movies and digital photoshop , while storing and accessing data from one DVD-R disc. Also includes 10 Memorex CD-RW discs The Memorex 700MB CD-RW allows you to erase and rewrite thousands of times on the same CD-RW.
35 Blank Memorex CD-R discs on spindle. Store your favorite music, movies, photos and more safely in the Memorex CD-R spindle disc pack. Each CD-R can hold up to 700 MB of data or an audio recording of 1.33 hours. This CD-R disc pack works with a computer CD writer.
This 6 disk CD changer was bought about 3 years ago with a home entertainment system. It cost me $200.00 retail back in the day. I have used it for high quality CD playback when I did studio recording in the past, but now I don't need it anymore. Everything on the device runs smooth and proper. It plays CD-R's, CD-RW's, and MP3's. It has no scratches and looks brand NEW! I do have the original ...
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